Easy Scratch Art Ideas for Beginners: How to Create Scratch Art

Are you looking to explore a new artistic medium? Then you are in a right place. Yes! We are talking about scratch art. If you’re a beginner then, here you will get a perfect and easy guide how to create easy scratch art idea.  Here you will explore how to create captivating scratch art pieces step by step.

  easy scratch art ideas

 How to start scratch drawing

  1. First You’ll need a scratch art paper or board that comes in black color. Choose a sturdy paper that can withstand scratching without tearing.
  2. Wax crayons or oil pastels colors, these colors will be used to create the colourful background for your scratch card.
  3. Black tempera paint or black acrylic paint to paint the top layer that you’ll scratch away to reveal the colors.
  4. Dishwashing liquid or liquid soap for adding on your black paint that help create a smoother surface for scratching.
  5. Additional you’ll need scratching tools, that are wooden styluses or thing you can get at your home like toothpicks or bobby pins. Now your material is ready and you can show your creativity.

Simple Easy scratch art ideas

Here is one simplest easy scratch art idea that beginners will love. Start by sketching out your desired scene or design on the scratch art paper using a pencil. Just go beyond your imagination and draw serene sunset, a lust forest, or a tranquil beach scene. Once your sketch is complete, use your scratching tool it may be wooden stick or same designed thing to scratch, and add details and texture, such as trees, plants or waves. Now you can see the contrast between the black surface and the colourful background will make your artwork truly stand out. This easy scratch art idea makes you an artist.

You can start scratch art drawing with covering the entire surface of your sturdy paper with colourful wax crayons, create abstract design, and blend with different colors together. After satisfying with your background, now mix black tempra paint or acrylic paint with a small amount of dishwashing liquid and get a smoother finish, after that use sponge or paint brush to apply the black color evenly over the entire surface. Make sure to cover the colourful background completely with a thick layer of black paint. Now, you are free with your imaginations. This is an easy scratch idea.

Now, let’s go through the technique that is much important for easy scratch art. Whatever art you choose it’s better to be or aware of few techniques. Scratch art involves scratching away a top layer of black ink into reveal the colors or white surface beneath. This can be done using a variety of tools that we explained before like wooden style uses, toothpicks, or even paper clips. The trick is to apply gentle pressure and to experiment with different scratching techniques to achieve the desired effect.

Creating a scratch art drawings is very concentrating work, it’s essential to consider composition and balance. You have to concentrate on placement of your element and how they interact with each other. Whether you’re creating a simple pattern or a detailed landscape, aim to create a sense of harmony and cohesion in your artwork.

If you want to create something different and you are in artistic mood, try your hand at creating scratch art portraits. Select a reference photo and transferring the outlines onto your paper. Then 

move scratching tool to gradually add details and shading, paying close attention to light and shadow. With practice, you will see tha9t, how beautiful painting you have created with little efforts. If you are interested in painting you can see our painting collections

Scratch art is a fantastic medium for beginners to explore their creativity and create beautiful art work.

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