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Founder of Precious Design Institute & Founder & MD of WomaNews Paper.

Parul Sosa is an interior designer and artist from Surat, Gujarat, who is skilled in 3D decoplast. I won numerous national and international awards, organised numerous exhibitions and shows throughout India, and is listed in the India Book of Records. I’ve also archived levels at the state, national, and international levels.



I specialise in canvas painting and fluid art, creating unique pieces exploring color, texture, and movement. I experiment with various techniques and materials to bring my vision to life, exhibiting in Surat and Delhi. Art is my stress reliever, each project an adventure to grow as an artist.



Welcome to my world of artistic finesse, where expertise in interior design intersects with a passion for creating stunning canvas masterpieces. With a diploma in interior design as the foundation, enchanting landscapes and captivating paintings mesmerize the soul. Explore the collection to transform your space into beauty and inspiration.



I use poster colours, acrylic, graphite, and fluid art in my work. I am a crippled woman, and just my one hand can move the rest of my body. Art is my pastime. Although I had my way, Parul Sosa madam and the precious Desigen Institute made a significant contribution to helping me get there. I will work hard and never give up to make the most of the encouragement, support, and time you have given me.

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I am a self-taught sketch artist and housewife with a profound passion for sketches and painting.

specialty:- charcoal sketch, acrylic oil paintings

Awards:- Gold award in Manikarnika art gallery competition and exhibition 

Exhibitions:- 1)precious design art expo 2023,Ahmedabad. 2) Page 3) art exhibition,Surat.



I'm a self-trained craftsman and Speciality is drawing, painting As another arising craftsman, my specialty is getting perceived all over. I'm enthusiastic about my specialty catching magnificence and giving it some 'umph'. essentially portrayed myself as an energetic and energizing craftsman who has enthusiasm for variety and an enthusiasm for surface and light. I have additionally perceive with not many declaration like - Testament in fine art,Certificate of winning, Endorsements of Appreciation, Grants of greatness